Bloom Necklace

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Limited collection. Crafted with care and creativity, this pendant captures a charming flower, originally drawn by a child together with the artist My Karmaland. Reflecting one of the earliest complex shapes a child learns to draw, this piece embodies the essence of new beginnings and natural growth.

Each unique and uneven petal stands as a testament to our individuality—reminding us that beauty lies in our differences and the authentic paths we carve. Let it be a reminder that every great journey begins with a single, perhaps imperfect, step.

Embrace the new, cherish the natural, and always remain true to yourself.

- Handcrafted and finished by artisans in Bali.

- Collaboration with the artist My Karmaland.

- Worldwide shipping in 3-8 business days | Same Day Free Delivery in Bali

- 100% recycled solid 925 Sterling Silver.

- 18k Gold Vermeil with 3 microns of gold plating.

- Eco-friendly, reusable packaging.

- Every design comes with a unique story.

*If you encounter problems with a payment method, please contact us on WhatsApp +6282310909727 and we will find the best solution for you. 

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