Tide Hoop

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Tide Hoop – a reflection of life's changing tides. Much like the diverse surf spots that come to life with different tides, these hoops embrace the ebb and flow of our human journey. In the rhythm of our daily lives, we experience ups and downs, waiting for our perfect tide to strive. Just as surfers patiently wait for the ideal wave, wear the Tidal Hoops as a reminder to embrace life's fluctuations, knowing that your perfect moment will come. Let these hoops be a symbol of resilience, patience, and the beauty that unfolds when you catch your wave at the perfect tide.

- 18k Gold Vermeil with 3 microns of gold plating;

- 925 Recycled Sterling Silver;

- Handcrafted in Bali;

- Worldwide shipping in 3-8 business days | Free Same day delivery in Bali

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